Chompy's Winter Rescue

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Chompy's at it again, being the hero that he is in our most recent game creation! A wild storm unnexpectedly hit Planet Chompton, leaving hundreds of it's creatures frozen in ice and snow. Be the first to join Chompy's heroic team by engaging in Chompy's Winter Rescue.

In round one, fuel Chompy's team members by feeding them what they need. Round two--take your favorite team member out into the snow on a supped up sled to rescue frozen victims. Watch out for trees and snow men!



original but gets really repetetive. there needs to be more to it.

fun game but...


Too easy :(

I love the concept of this game, and got through a few levels waiting for it to get really hard. Upon reaching level 6, though, I just got too bored to continue. I started driving the sled recklessly at 70 mph out of sheer boredom-- there need to be more obstacles in the way more quickly. The conveyor belt needs to get much faster. Also, the first time the second conveyor belt appeared, nothing came on it! Anyway, it's fun for a little while but incredibly easy and repetitive. Thus, 7.

Could you make a "continue"?

It's my only real complaint about this game, is that you seem to punish players for getting part way by making a death mean a play over from the begining.

Other minior complaints: no explaination of what the different stat's did, thou' most were obvious.

Excelent art Style, although a bit more varity in sound and graphics would have been nice, since this takes an hour to play through.

Good game & thank you for sharing. =)

awesomeness :D

this is one of the more addicting games on Newgrounds, though it only occupied me for half an hour.
it was very fun, and that little "buy upgrades" spot made it even more fun.
but overall it was a good game and can't be enhanced

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3.64 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2006
6:11 PM EST
Puzzles - Other