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FS2Long movie with a plot

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Author Comments

The game was called stump the cops....

This is a long and complex adventure movie out in the
woods and hell. Its set in sort of a dystopian future world, kind of, where there are armies of cultists out in the woods. If your interested in actually watching something through to the end and not just going around randomly voting 5/0 to get blam points, give this one a shot.

The soundtrack is amazing by the way - tracks by Chrizzly, Newskies, The suitcase, and Midnightrayne, plus the candyman theme for the "hell" ending.

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Great Movie and YAY! You used my horror metal loop

Really a great movie and I agree with the others that it has got a great plot and, see, it's more intelligent than any other flash around here! Also, I thought it was great that someone uses my audio submission in a flash. I'm honoured. Especially because my Horror Metal Loop is not that good really, like, too short and bad loopability.
And I liked the humor in this one. Keep up the great work.


Isledeavarice responds:

Thanks for the 9 for sound! And good to see that people like this stuff.

Check out my "August underground" stuff if you want more plot-based flash.

Very Good Sir

At first I WAS a little sceptical about this because of how the animations looked but I continued to watch and the more of it I watched the better it seemed to have gooten. I do agree with what you say about how people judge something on the first five seconds on the flash and that does need to change. Because take this movie for example it took forever to load and people probably just voted a zero on the lengthiness of it. And I have seen very good flashes that have gotten blammed. Anyway keep up the good work bro.

Isledeavarice responds:

"Long movies with plots" can be my niche I think. Mabye there will be an "epics" collection on NG at some point.

Great Plot.

Dude, this is an awsome movie. I agree, the ppl on NG don't really look at the full effect of the movies. I know of VERY FEW who do. I for one look at everything. I have no problem giving this movie a 5/5. the point was well spoken. I give you Kudos my friend. Good Luck with your next submission.

Isledeavarice responds:

Thanks a lot, its good to see that the point is getting across to people.

Amongst The Cruddy Graphics Is a Decent Storyline.

Usually I am one of those people who go to this site for thrill inducing animation. I aspire to be one the amazing animators on this site. However, there is an individual in our society that is overlooked. That would be the story writer. To be honest, the graphics were pure sewage. The visuals were remenscent of extremely early NG quality stuff made from flash 5 paint tools. The results are bland and very juxtoposized images. Yet I gave this entry a chance and discovered a very bizarre post-apocalyptic tale of cops and cultists with a strong, hard political overtone. As sat through this entry, it got to this weird spiritual segment with John Wayne, who was actually the devil. I was thinking. "What kind of mind thinks this up? A very different mind that for sure!" Although the graphics were telling me "Blam this, it has terrible sound loops and looks like crud". I still had the instinct to read this storyline. To me it looked like a spam entry, but it did not feel like a spam entry. And man it WAS long, but I did not care. I wanted to watch through this movie and vote fairly. At the end there is a message to the NG public that summarizes the author's main message on authority. He tells how we have voted purely based on visuals sound and flashy anime effects. I mean check out Vinnie's work Hoy te Amo; it has amazing hand drawn animation, but no story whatsoever. Check out all the Madness films; limbless figures beating each other up. Look at Legendary Frog; He resorts to stealing simpsons jokes for a plot. Look at Illwillpress; He resorts to having a little cartoon squirell complain about things in a high-pitched voice. Look at Knox; He resorts to having his half-@$$ed clay creations do retarded things. Look at the Star Syndicate and Piconjers; they complain about Knox, Illwillpress, and LF for their lack of artistry, and yet most of their skills are based on funny portal spammery antics and digitally beating their satire subjects, sometimes through full hand drawn animated glory(it is not very plot based mind you). Not to mention, the Clocks, Locks, and Glocks can only make original stories based on previous portal antics. It is an epidemic. Most of us look at a movie and blam or save it mainly for points. Never before, has entry caused so much dilemia within my sanity. For that, I dare to say that I have voted 5 on this entry, and yet I give to the author critique on his artwork and flimsy sound. The 5 is for the overall message this unfortunate piece of likely portal fodder has brought onto me. I am deeply grateful for this message. I encourage the author to work on his artistry skills. Of course if he needs an artist someday, it might be me. Perhaps we might cross paths and collaberate on something in the future. Once again I pray for the salvation of this entry.

Isledeavarice responds:

Wow, people actually get this one. My "August Underground" stuff, almost no one understands that stuff. This one, even though its far more complex is understood by quite a lot of people.

I think its because I made it clear, right from the title, what kind of a movie this was. I was originally gonna call it "stump the cops" - but something told me to call it "long movie with a plot". I guessed right.

Good to see some feedback on this stuff.

I think that if it wasn't for the "blam points" system, there would be stuff on this site that told an actual story AND had great animation. The blam point system makes people just vote 0 or 5 without even watching it to the end to get more voting power.
It should be scrapped.

Again thanks for a 'real' review of one of my movies.

this could be good...

i kinda got a little bored with this but don't let that discourage you. the following is what might help this become better.

1. voice actors. adding voices would have been better than just text and clicking the mouse all the time.

2. break this down in parts. its better to take baby steps than take one giant leap sometimes.

now dont get me wrong this had a decent storyline but you need to add a little flair to it too. as far as the graphics are concerned, they were ok and don't need too much attention to.
if you at least cut this into sections that would be good.
im not bashing you or anything just giving you constructed critisism.

i hope you dont hate me for this.

the snipe.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2006
11:27 PM EST