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PTTY: Grade 9

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I've been planning this flash for about 9 months now. It's for a scholarship when I graduate in Grade 12. Each year I will be making a collection of all of the collaboration's I have been in.

PTTY stands for Progress Through the Years.

I guess that's really everything, so I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you can see how much I have improved. It's really awesome to see flashes I made around a year ago in this flash.

P.s. calcoA is the one who came up with this idea.

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__The Good__
Nice flash. I liked the opening. The graphics were nice, I liked all of the characters and backgrounds. The song has always been cool. This flash was very creative. I really enjoyed looking at this.

__The Bad__
It ended kinda abruptly. There should have been a better ending.

__Over All__
A cool flash based on a cool song. Great job on this flash guys, keep up the good work!

swiftstylerX responds:

Thanks for the awesome review man. But yes, I agree it did just kind of end really quickly.

tasweet, man!

I should do something like this, just for my own self, though. Putting it here would be copying u.

swiftstylerX responds:

I wouldn't mind. I do this for fun, and I'm hoping to make a little money. Why shouldn't you be able to have any fun with the same idea? Just don't go for the same scholarship :P.

Do keep up the portfolio...

You got a good head on your shoulders. I agree this is a definite way to shine when you go for your college interviews to various art and design colleges. I think you are showing some vast improvements and should continue to exploit how you are growing to a mature flash artist.

One suggestion don't short change yourself from mastering actionscript it will help you in the long run!

swiftstylerX responds:

Hmmm, I may try to learn some AS in the future, if it's going to improve my chances of getting the scholarship, and if I learn a lot and it can help out my animating, then I'll definitely been learning a lot more than I have.

shows some effort

...but I dont know if it is "scholarship" worthy...but everyone has to start somewhere...

animation is not bad, lots of room for imporvement, editing skills could use some work, maybe a few transitions here and there like screen fades from black to the movie etc...

setting this up as a portfolio piece would be a nice feature if you plan to use this as a portfolio piece, with menu system and stuff...


swiftstylerX responds:

Well this is a pretty easy scholarship to get. The 1st place flash wasn't even that great. That's why I'm hoping if I do this for all 4 years of High School, and make it long enough and show how much I have improved, I will get 1st place.


I don't know if i wrote it right but i hope you got me :)

I didn't understand the movie (help me plz) but the presentation was realy somethig that took me about 20 mins to analize and find the point and the meaning.
Great movie indeed but write me down what you wanna say

5 whithout second thought!

swiftstylerX responds:

Lol, well basically, each year I'll be done this for high school. It's just to show how much I have improved and how much I still have to learn.

It's for a scholarship.