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rated 2.36 / 5 stars
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Dec 10, 2006 | 11:27 AM EST

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Author Comments

Personally, I wasn't even planning on submitting this. I made it for another person's emulation site ( )
and got a little bored. This took me about thirty minutes to make, very little sprites, not so fitting music but who cares? Plus when you put this up against some of the crap on this site... You really start to appreciate it.

Also note there is NO preloader. However, the file size is so small, that really shouldn't bother too many people.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not bad one

a little bit short, but it was an alright sprite animation. i think a little bit more could've been done to this one overall, but it was still alright to check out and your efforts were adequate for this one.

Nimii responds:

You're absolutely right. It was short, it was alright, and more could have been done. Thank you for adding my efforts were adequate. I like to hear that. Again, thanks.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

you kinda remind me of me..'s good to see more excitebike on NG

Nimii responds:

Well thank you. Remind you of you? Am I sure that's a good thing? Well you like excite bike so you're cool with me. Anyway, I didn't really get anything out of this review. I'll give your review a 3/10 for graphics, 0/10 for sound, 4/10 for interactivity ( I am typing this, y'know! ), a 6/10 for style, a 10/10 for violence and a resounding 7 overall.

How'd ja like dem applez?


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


^^Good Points^^
The graphics weren't too bad. I don't see excitebike sprites on NG much, so this was neat. Good animations too with the sprites. Good quality music as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
I was expecting much more. You had a creative title for this, but it was just a guy who landed on his head then slid along. You definitely needed some sound effects in this, like a skidding effect towards the end would be obvious. You really need to have some more storyline in your next movie. This looks more like practice!

Nimii responds:

Well I appreciate the upbeat tone of your message. Thanks for taking the time to review the Flash. Yeah, I wouldn't say more practice... More time would be a little better. However, always improving. Always. The sound effects are probably going to be added to the final version which I will put on here as well. Adding the sound effects is the easy part anyway.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's not up to snuff now, but it's damn close.

This movie is short and the sound is not what it could be (a skidding sound effect might be nice, for example). As it is now, it's not really worthy of its own little spotlight, but with a few small improvements (a preloader, for example, despite the small file size, or perhaps a "end" frame) it would be just fine. The sprites are traced well... it's nice to not see the inconsistencies and shitty JPEGs other people use. Again, not an epic movie or anything, but not at all bad.

Nimii responds:

Thank you. This is the kind of response I actually expected to get and what my expectations of myself were. I got helpful criticism and not chewed out on an, admittedly, low mediocre submission. Thanks for the help, when it ends up on my friends site, it will be tuned to a few of your expectations.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

they see me rollin(they probably do!)

after that fall...i think he WAS ridin dirty...nice work my man.4

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Nimii responds:

Thank you very much. Yet again. Undeserved but, thank you. At least I know my friends site ( Which I will continue to tout, ) will be satisfying others with it's nonsensical animations. Again, thanks.