Halo Havoc

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In this game you are an angel collecting gold bars to turn into halos.
Controls: Use the Arrows to move
Objective: Collect the bars and avoid the imps.
YOU HAVE TWO MINUTES to collect as many gold bars as possible while escaping from the imps then you will see an end game cutscene.

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You persisted and got through- well done!

+ OK art & animation
+quite addictive
+ nice results for winning and losing

-How about this for text:
"You have to get as many gold bars as possible, surviving for 2 minutes without the imps catching you" and
"Avoid these enemies [Spelt thus] all the time"
-You have the imps stats but I could not find the others stats or thier names?
-was there any point in having the crown removable? It looks like you had unfinished ideas here.
-maybe have random moving clouds in the game?
- since some people think the game should have tougher enemies, maybe you should put in an easy option and a hard option. Certainly the only frightening thing about the third bad guy is his size and the fact that there are now 3 on the screen. Why is the first guy the only one who fires at you?
-You could touch up the art quite easily with a bit of gradient on the angel and God; also a better face on God.
-Better wing flapping would be good.
Hi-scores would be good, but if that's too hard (I have no idea how you do it!) then just put in some samples of score- either put in some names of people's top scores eg- IceDragon64- 34 showing a range for people to compare with in the winning scene or give the score groupings eg.
0-10 Wimps
11-33 So-So
34-50 Cool
50-70 Go Go Golders
70+ Archangels.
If you decide to do a whole lot of improvements and aim for 3+ then pm me and we will plan to do everything you can in one hit and do a final resubmission. Then if you have done as they asked pm your reviewers and watch the review score rise!
Best wishes,

that was... interesting

that was... interesting needs alot of work, perhaps levels and powerups, and two player, and more interesting enemies, and better graphics, and then it would be worth a 3. Good job though.


I'll give you and hint:

if (this._x > 550) this._x = 550;
if (this._x < 0) this._x = 0;
if (this._y > 400) this._y = 400
if (this._y < 0) this._y = 0;

or whatever your room's dimensions are.
Also, what the fuck does an angel need gold for? :P

merit in the game

+ Vaguely interesting story.

++ Tune kinda matches atmosphere well.

------ Very repetitive play.

???---- Count-down?

??- Rankings?

+ Various imps add some interest

-- But don't really affect what we do at all.

Played, got 49pts, played again, got 56 before dying. Vaguely curious to check the death.

2 minutes seems an awfully long time for folk to repeat, without at least some indication of how they did. It all seems rather slow and without much merit in the game mechanics.


pretty good

Credits & Info

2.20 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2006
10:55 AM EST
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