One day, in /b/...

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Voice by Awesome Sauce/Kombat Lock
Music by verix

You have been warned.


Hey now, that was a little mean

The last guy also says "Zelda ROCKS SOCKS!!!! Lolz"
He obviously has a good standard for all found here

And... you would have gotten a higher vote from me if it were not for the rather loud (and obnoxious) ending :P
But still good job

4chan is officially dead...

The movie is great, but really a few years ago 4chan was awsome, I've noticed a huge decline in humour, insanity, and all around swell situation. Just goes to show you when too many kids find out about it then it goes down hill, (Example: newgrounds 99-03, 4chan 04-05) But it was not really all that funny. Everyone thinks having the ending of a movie be about "gay homosexual fat kids (cereal)" is always funny. It is not. It is boring, repetitive, and can be hateful. I would of liked to of seen a little more attention to detail when it comes to the characters. I would of liked to of seen more characters, and more objects... Good work.

#1 Rule about /b/...


/B/ut frankly, your work is fine. I just don't think /b/ringing people from NG here so they can n00/b/ up the forums is a good idea. The line started /b/efore SA, and it WILL end at 4chan.

Pwitty good

You've probably gotten this 99999 times: Rule #1 of 4chan.

Also what was that song at the end?!?!? That was killar.

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2.42 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2006
8:57 PM EST
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