Goth Lyfe 11: Emokid

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Hey everyone! Really sorry for the delay but here it is! Episode 11! This is the first episode of the new season! Don't worry we'll got a lot planned, the Goths aren't going anywhere for a while!
**New for the Series** Extended endings after the credits and no more "Goth Disclaimer" because if you haven't watched the first season, you shouldn't be here anyway. Ok well, you've waited long enough, go check it out and I'll try to have Episode 12 on ASAP!



"If he slits your wrists, you'll become emo too!"

I loved this, even though it was a little slow in that the dialouge was really spaced out, so was some of the action, but those only took away a little from the overall experience. Very funny otherwise, the emo vs goth concept was amusing.

3 from me

it was kinda fun but the sounds disturbed me a little bit, but all in all ok!

to the guy who wrote before:

how many people in % die through those sicknesses and through hunger? not more than 0.000003% ... if humanity thinks it has to grow like a pestilence, there is no argument FOR humanity, so its good that so much die through such illnesses...

I laugh...

But i'm laughing for the wrong reason. I find it funny that anybody can die there hair black, wear studs and pierce everything and take themselves seriously. cheer up sparky, our lovely democracy (even on the poverty line) puts us in the top 8% of the worlds richest people. While we have an obesity epademic while worldwide 2800 people die an hour from hunger, 1700 from aids, and 3000 from sickness's we get free immunistion from. Life aint that bad. As for the flash well it was below average, and you made all the characters sound like 12 year old girls.... "like (insert stupid teenybopper word here)" so no good marks todays, but try agian.


Dude what the hell? the way you made the goths talk, they sound like preps. do you even have any goth friends or are you goth? Or are you just a damn prep who used a stereotype to make flash movies. Get people who DONT sound like preps to do the next voices. DAMN!


I really, really, really wanted subtitles, that's all I really have to complain about.
Otherwise, your good. :D

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4.11 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2006
10:19 PM EST
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