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December 8, 2006 –
June 22, 2011
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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A puzzle game based on extreme thinking. Escape the mysterious room by finding enought keys.
Good luck... you'll need it :)


It was a good game but the key's where hard to see

plese respond back

This was actually a pretty reasonable game. Though it drove me crazy until I figured out that the blue key was the fifth key and there was no sixth key.. Not sure what was behind seperating the yellow keys from the blue key.. confusing...
Some sound effects would have been nice. Or even just some background music. I did however like all those red herrings, even if they were unintentional? And thanks to whoever figured out the computer password or I would never have finished it.

So for the record.. if you get stuck, press the Tab key.. ^_^

And the keys in no particular order:

Blue key, easy to spot, second open draw of desk.
Yellow key, turn off light switch, click slightly kinda bottom right of the lampshade at the top of the screen (or hover with mouse until it changes into a hand)
Yellow key, just keep clicking and clicking rubbish bin until it falls over.
Yellow key, remove books (drag and hold) from top of desk and place them in the open second draw thing of desk. Last book has key.
Yellow key, password is 2132 (this is explained is someone-elses review) - remember to turn computer on.

Click on door handle. Congratulations!!

Key Number 5: First you look at the numbers 00100011 the answer to the riddle is 2132 (2 zeros 1 one 3 zeros and 2 ones).

You will recieve key number 5 and escape the room.

1st key is easy to find, it's Blue.

2nd Key: turn off the light switch by the door. Look at the yellow light very closely. Click directly in the middle. The shawdow on the ground will also disappear.

3rd key: Remove the books from the computer desk. Place them on the shelve below the drawer on the computer desk.

4th key: Click on the trash bin several times til it falls over.

I am still working on keys five and six. Any clues.

alrite, found 3 keys, wat now? Does the picture fall? Password doesnt work on comp!! WTF is the stool for? WTH does the drawer do? What is the fat-ass key in the center of the room for? Does the window play a role? The vent? need assistance, this game is driving me effin' krzy...

I havent exited the game yet....but..What's the point of opening the drawer there's nothin in it. And why wont the pass on the computer work? Oh and you should add a little music.

PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!!11!!1one one one eleven11!

Overall nice job :D

I didn't get very far into this, but I love these styles of games. It was really quiet. Music would help this out quite a bit.

i didn't get very far at all and wonder if this is even completed.....or you'r a crazy genius

I found it to be very challenging but all in all it was a good game. I must admit I didnt complete it. But it must have taken a smart mind to create something like this :) Good job on it. I like it. And I want it on Newgrounds. 3/5


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