Snake Classic

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You can change controls to keyboard from gameplay options menu.


certainly not bad at all

A Nice attempt at 'Snake', extra credit going to the ability to choose a skin. See what a little freedom can do?

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not gwd!

i didnt leik this games as good as the other snake games tht are on this site but it was alrite :]

GameBalance responds:

which ones?

its ok but on the mouse version when you collect a certain number the snake just turns around and goes into himself randomly. it is random because my mouse doesnt move when this happens.

GameBalance responds:

No. It's because snake run over the cursor. You have to keep cursor always away of head. It is not random and it is not bug. Snake goes after cursor, so it turns around because you did not moved it away of head.


Not going to write a big review for this one, but lemme just give you what you need to improve on.

Graphics please, I know its only snake, but that is why graphics are so crucial, you need good graphics in a simple game. The skin themselves were kinda boring.

Mouse control was really not that great. At times if the mouse is too close the snake would twirl and bite itself, maybe it was the bad sensitivity of my mouse... but that got annoying.

Next time... Improve on graphics, add more interactivity (power ups/costumes/etc) Please find better songs, or atleast a list of songs to choose from.

Overall 5/10 2/5
Recommandation level - low

kinda boring

its like 50 50 man.

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4.06 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2006
2:31 PM EST
Skill - Collect