Snake Classic

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You can change controls to keyboard from gameplay options menu.


Best Snake Game Ever.

To be honest, I was gonna instantly zero this because I have seen soo many snake rip-offs and remakes. But, upon playing this I realized this is the MOST original Snake remake ever..

The new levels, and obsticales rather than the snake himself really adds something to this great game..

The custom skin, allows for something to take your eyes of the dull, and unexciting Squares we call a Snake...

The only problems I had is the mouse control....when ever I stoped the mouse moving, and the snake ran into it, the snake would spin frantically.

Also, two other things, I think incinvible mode should be unlocked, rather than given. So, the players can have a challenge. The last thing, was maybe you can give the player a few snake bits to being with rather than one to give it the REAL snake feel.

This sill definatrely get front page.

Best snake game EVER!

This is definitly the best snake game Ive EVER played AWESOME job!

good game!!!

it was good! i like snake but i got annoyed with mouse control i kept forgetting to move and the snake spun round and ate his own tail-lol i think u should add like an objective for when were playing we can see how much we've eaten and how much we have left:D
overall i give it 4!

Snake will live on!

I've always liked the classic snake games.. and this just adds to the series. Makin it 2006 nice job.

I don't care what anybody else says.

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4.06 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2006
2:31 PM EST
Skill - Collect