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The unfortunate demise of Mister Schmorey

Meet corey, a young redneck who excels in slacking and such. His life consist of sleeping, eating, drinking, and listening to Heavy Metal.
But today everything changes, when Corey gets hit by a huge truck..



One little things mentionned in your comments...

Just a little thing:

You mentionned how being lazy isn't a sin, except... Isn't 'sloth' one of the seven deadly sins?

Anywho, my one true major 'thing' is how the voices sound so grainy, as if they where speaking through a McDonald's speaker box. At first I thought it was an effect attributed to angels, which would had been neat, but alas it is a problem that seems to be affecting everyone.

It's just odd how the audio quality doesn't match up with the admitedly high visual standards in this piece.

Still!! Keep at it!

dnzTV responds:

true, sloth is one of the 7 sins.. but this story follows the Inferno story, which isnt really about the 7 sins per se, but more the environment of hell, you know?..besides if you wanna find out more about why corey is in hell, you'd have to stay tooned :).. ihave to say tho, a previous commenter on this cartoon noted that hell is for rapists and murderers, not lazy people.. so opinions are divided on this one,.. i do understand your point tho..
the audio thing..yeah it bugs me out..you probably noticed the huge file size, and i had to seriously decrease sound quality in the cartoon.. PLUS i have a crappy mic :)thanks fer reviewing!

pretty good

SO many people are tkaing this SO seriously just because you try to say whats goin on after death (and really your not saying that anyway its a friggin comedy) but calm your ass down, especially the guy behind me or a few guys behind me anyway it was the guy who was gon on about soemthin about how religions stupid or somethin but did anyone else see how big a deal he was making ouf of a short comedy cartoon on the internet? i mean wow "religion is just soemthin made up by man to" somethin somethin i dunno...either way pretty funny lookin forward to the next one

I dont think so

Are you kidding? People go to hell for crimes such as steal, rape, murder and such .... I don't see how listening to heavy metal and grabbing his own ass is a evil life that deserve punishment. In my words, the storyline's plot doesn't fit, unless you're in a sect or so...

Oh by the way, no text speaks of hell before the years 900. You should consider that it has been invented by humans probably as paradise to dictate population's way to behave. I'm not telling that we don't need lines to follow but mainly religion is a plot from men to control other men.

The movie was well done for the technical purposes, with the best point being graphics were very well drawn. Music's quality was good and maybe a little too much if you want the advice.

The 8 mb file size is excessive for the needs of that movie. You should somehow cut down on audio files sizes by the use of a audio-working program like audacity or the one you want, and then update the movie via your account options.


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Do you mean me or another 3D

Because I certainly don't remember helping you with a storyline. But anyway great art it's just amazing I can't wait to see this on the frontpage

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4.15 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2006
1:45 PM EST
Comedy - Original