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Osiris II

rated 3.75 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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Dec 6, 2006 | 4:49 PM EST

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Author Comments

01.10.07 - Updated to Remastered Edition: Major gameplay enhancements including improved movement and camera.

Take half-god Orchid on an epic quest around the world to find a way to break the curse of Osiris. Fight monsters, solve puzzles and dodge traps in 18 stages spread over 3 continents. Osiris II features faster gameplay, improved animation, 4-way scrolling, new moves and a ton of other new features.

There is also an in-built and easy to use Level Creator, try and create your own stage. All the usual comments and suggestions are welcome, I will try and respond to as many as possible. Try lowering the quality if you have gameplay problems, please do not leave negative reviews if you can't get the game to work on your computer. If you miss anything in the tutorial, here are the controls:

Move: A/D or Left/Right arrow
Jump/Flip: W or Up arrow
Roll: S or Down arrow + direction
Activate Switch: Space
Aim/Fire: Mouse
Weapon Change: Mouse scroll wheel or keys 1-5
Options: Right click mouse

Hope you enjoy the game, and if you like it check out the official site at



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not Bad.

Everything about this game is above average, but there are things that could definitely be improved upon (hence, the 7s):

-The engine. Pretty cool, especially given the level editing capabilities. The scrolling is nifty too, though it's annoying when the character falls faster than the camera follows and she ends up off the screen until the camera catches up. Also: the controls feel very sluggish. I have a new computer with 2 GB of RAM and a Core 2 Duo processor. Starcraft FA 5 runs at 93% on my rig. So it ain't because I need to set it at low quality--there's something up with the code itself.

-The graphics. Good, particularly in terms of the environmental detail, but as others have pointed out, the main character moves stiffly and looks quite unnatural.

-The sound. The sound effects are serviceable, but not much beyond that. The main theme music is very good; I wasn't too crazy about the music in the Temple of Bast, though. It was a little too "in your face" without actually energizing me.

-The combat. Annoying. The default weapon is awful, and you can't really do much running and dodging because you just end up rolling straight into traps.

-The puzzles. Very simplistic. Not even as complex as the "find the key card for this door" puzzles in old shooter games.

There are many areas here where there is room for improvement, but on the whole you've done a good job with this release. Keep working on it! :-)

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ChromeShark responds:

Thanks, that's a really helpful review.

The slow falling was pretty hard to get around, any faster and she sometimes fell through platforms. This'll need a rethink for chapter III.

Not sure what causes the sluggish gameplay, I've played it fine on some PCs. I'll have a play about with it.

If you play the first chapter you can see that the main character movement is much better than before, but I'll admit there is still room for improvement. Jumping and falling in particular I think are quite robotic-looking.

I'd have liked to have had the atmospheric music throughout but it was pretty hard finding enough that fitted, so I went for heavier tracks on the boss levels.

I'm not to thrilled with the combat either, although it's improved since the first chapter, for chapter III I'm tempted to try something very different (hint - no mouse, no guns).

Although I will try and vary the puzzles up next time, I don't want to make anything that people might get stuck on, because that can be really irritating.

Thanks again, I'll certainly use this review to help when I get round to making chapter III (got another game planned before that one though).


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Need to work a little in some problems

Buut there are just a few flaws, keep working hard and really reading other people's reviews and you'll achieve the greates game ever, you have potential and if you actually improve upon demand you'll rule!! keep working hard!

ChromeShark responds:

^_^ I think 'greatest game ever' is a lot to aim for, but I do have a lot planned for the next game in the series (currently planned as the final part, though there may be more after). Thanks for the encouragement.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Ok game...

But please improve the character animation, please. I mean, who falls and looks like they're standing at the same time?

ChromeShark responds:

The character animation was improved since the first chapter, walking for example. There are still some areas that can be improved, falling being one like you say, also jumping. I'll work on these for the third chapter.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Greatly improved.

Two main (and major) complaints:

The controls were unresponsive. This made combat annoying.

Scrolling didn't always keep up.

ChromeShark responds:

Unresponsive controls may be a result of lag, switching to low quality may help. The scrolling is something I'm aware of, if it scrolled faster she would fall through the platforms, I can try and work on improving it for the next chapter. Thanks for the review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

good job

this game was really good i played it for almost 1 hour and a half. i gave 3 to humor for the fact that you can get her half naked ;). overall a really good game.

try my stage for fun i've cleared it in 82 seconds try to beat that.

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