Von Brunk Under Judgement

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Here's a little parody of Under Judgement that I whipped up for a quick laugh!

Synopsis: Sure, we all know how thrilling and magical it is for a cartoon to make it through the portal, but take a look at the struggle I put up with when bombarded by angry fanboys!


don't you ever take a break?

I mean really man, how long has it been since you submitted Revenge of the Seph, 4 days? You're a flashaholic. Anyway, that was hilarious! In light of your recent submissions, the comparison is uncanny! The audio was clear and easy to listen to, and the song you picked for the second half was a perfect choice...not to say that the music for the first half wasn't. The only part where the graphics were not up to par with your other submissions was the movement of the NGer's/fanboy's legs as they charged your fortress with shotguns, other than that small part, it was perfect.
Well, I gave it a 5/5, even though it is worthy of a 6/5, if only there was that option. Well, I guess now all there is to do is wait for you to submit another flash, but I hope you take a break, you deserve it.

I had to give you all tens...

because there's absolutely nothinging bad about it. It was awsome... 5/5

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Great Representation!

I loved it personaly and the Manowar song was a perfect fit. And for the reviewer below me, "Castlevania gothic metal"? Learn your genres.

i love this cartoon

but, this was not extreem violence.

simply great.

I love all your flash works, and I LOVE how you use Koji Kondo's music from the Zelda games in EVERY friggin' flash.

it adds to the amazingness of it all!

keep up the work.

(i just give 10's across the board if I like it)

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4.02 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2006
12:33 PM EST
Comedy - Parody