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Please be aware that this is beta grade software.
***Read all of this, at the bottom are some ID's to get u started***
Portal Load allows you to enter the ID of an Audio Portal entry and then load it and play it while it loads (as opposed to the rigid system in the Audio Portal which loads the entire thing, like it or not) this means if you start listening and don't like it you can cancel loading it!

Portal Load II is curtrently under development and not only looks better, but it supports color schemes and includes a system which involves merely copying a link to the entry you want. and will be much more comprehensive.

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68158; 42306; 38579; 68085; 52763; 49414

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good one

despite being a Beta version, this one was pretty good. granted, it'll still need some touching-up, but for a Beta version, this one was pretty good.

Good but needs an update.

This is a great original flash but it needs an update. I don't know if NG has changed or what but some of the random song IDs are invalid and no info comes up. This is strange because i used it a while ago and it worked. Ask fulpy.
Also, why does it show an error when you press stop? Oh yeah and when you select "just close this box" the song plays again anyway.
Far from being finished but great so far.

Wow, this is cool.

I have a (relatively) fast computer, so it doesn't bother me as much, but I can sympathize with all you modem users out there. Also, you can utilize it as a kind of "random song generator" for fun once you get the hang of it. Very neat, 4/5.

A wha?

Say, this is pretty good! It loads music that is on the Audio Portal... if I had unlimited download I'd like to see a "Pick Random Song" button. I don't know how you did it, but you did a great job!

Nice, but with a bug

It's a very nice idea, and very nicely done. The only problem is that it doesn't get the track information at all. So, I know it's a beta, but if you would be so fix that bug, and then resubmit, you would have a very nice piece of flash on your hands.

Dislexsick responds:

Yeah, i find that very odd, it used to get it, however i think NG have changed the system.

This was made earlier in the year and I resubmitted it so I could get more comments on pbolems and peoples experiences before I realease no. 2

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2.53 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2006
10:52 PM EST
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