Victoria Sponge cake

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A short animation about victoria sponge cake, and it's careful preparation.

I started this animation about 6 months ago for a taster course at the local Art college for visual studies. We looked at a list of weird sentences (I chose "Make a Victoria sponge cake") and made a piece of art that relates to that theme.

I chose animation, and started animating this piece. I never finished it, until tonight, when I finally knuckled down and decided to finish it.

The music credits are at the end of the flash.


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Victoria sponge cake is a great flash video for children because there are men riding on horses and it is also a nice little music video. I think that victora sponge cake is catchy because the music gets stuck in your head and you can just remember it just like that like on the tesgo's adverts when thay tap their bums.

If you look at my scores for victoria sponge cake, I just wanted to say normaly i would have given it an 8 for overall but because it reminded me of one of the tesgo adverts i put in an extra score as i like the song (hahaha its funny!).

All together victoria sponge cake is a happy mood, colourful, funny, and musical and i think that it is a great flasj video and that it has everyright to be on the internet. Basicly victoria sponge cake rocks!

All around fun short!

This piece at first felt like nothing to right home about; yet, you proved me wrong. I know your animation or graphics were not the greatest but your ability to captivate your audience is a gift. The shock value for one is priceless.

All I can say is you kept my attention and I liked this short. Bravo!

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2006
8:00 PM EST
  • Photoshop
  • Flash MX 2004