Anarchy Face 21

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I figured I can get away with anything now. Apparently my fans have abandoned me and not longer like me taking the piss. Don't worry, this is all mere foolishness. This new flash will remind all NG users who's boss, whos got the skills who's better who's got little time on his hands to impress your bitch ass and who's is me's cause's I's is beterer!


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Well it did give me a laugh or two and the animation was not half bad, could flow more smoothly but it was entertaining for the mostpart, so props to you on an entertaining flash.

Entertaining flash.


not bad

i kinda liked it, u had sum gud fbf in there


I'm an anarchist and thought it would be cool to see this but it wasnt all that good.I did like the "I'm the juggernaut, B****" part thoug.


Destroya responds:

Your an Anarchist?

i dont care who you are

i did not find this flash that interesting, and you act extremely negative in your authors comments. the flash wasnt all bad but you could have done better. 1/5.

Destroya responds:

You do care. Thats why you reviewed.

You`re damn lucky

You`re lucky I got your 'sence of humor'. Any other person and this flash would be balmed.
P.S. I like the style

Destroya responds:

Luck has nothing to do with it. I'm just damn good.

Work on you grammer a bit.