-Word Spell-

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-Word Spell-

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Programming by West-end-pro

The aim of this game is to spell words in the order of the word at the bottom.

Arrow keys OR WAD
Space to pause


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This flash was simple enough, yet it was still fun. It's hard to go around some of those letters, and it's hard if it hides in the moon. That beign said, this game was pretty interesting. I only got to the 6-letter words before I realized you can acctually lose, I thought you could keep jumpign off to try and grab a letter, but apparently not. You at least have some music in this one two. I didn't care fo rthe random double jumps, but I enjoyed this game.

cool one

a pretty simple game, but it was pretty fun. the idea was somewhat unoriginal, but your efforts were nice, good audio, good graphics, nice gameplay and it was a good time killer.

About time you start coming out with some flashes

Finally- you've written so many tutorials, and then I check your profile to see the absence of any submissions!

It's a very good game- and would have gotten a much better score if Dobble wasn't coming out at the same time- but it still deserves a good score.

Keep going. Don't stop.

this wasnt very good

boring game and it was kinda hard. im not saying that i dont like a good challenge once in a while, bu this game didnt make me wanna try. sorry it was kinda bad

Its such a challenge

To run into letters to spell a word thats already spelt out for you.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2006
12:36 PM EST
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