Apartment 51 - Ep. 10

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Apartment 51: Classic Series
Episode 10: The Demon Box

After an unsettling commercial for the PlayStation 3, Batboy is scared of the system. When Eduardo brings one home, Batboy takes it upon himself to destroy the demon box, with help from a mysterious stranger and the Nintendo Wii.



good choice up wii

this has to be a ad for the wii it would sell millions!!!!!btw the nunchuck plugs in the bottom of the remote not the top.only complaint otherwise your web site is in my favs.wiiiiiiiiiiiii

wheres the 360?...oh well!

this was funny as shit!just like the others!and it demeonstrates his preference of systems...thing is though...the 360 is gone!...YAY!
"youre up WII!""WHEEEEEEE!"that was funny shit!

ya i liked it and all but one thing........

well u see i wrote a reviwe 4 a aprtment 51 short and i asked if moth man gay and u said 2 wait 4 ep.10 and i watced it and i still dont know if moght man is gay or not all i found out about him is that he gos "omg omg.omg omg omg" alot

SmokedBacon responds:

That episode was cancelled.

As much of a fan of this as I am...

I think this one was kind of stupid and that you could have done much better... it was funny but the joke just seemed a little dull.

Very funny!

I have and always will love the Apartment 51 series. This was no exception. I loved it! I don't know what kind of feedback to give...

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

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Dec 4, 2006
5:06 AM EST
Comedy - Original