Aoi House The Music Video

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Presenting the official flash animation music video to Seven Seas' hit harem comedy Aoi House!

Alex and Sandy were two normal guys just trying to get through college. That is, until their troublemaking hamster, Echiboo, gets them thrown out of their dorm rooms. With nowhere else to turn, the boys move into an anime clubhouse with five crazed yaoi fangirls calling all the shots!

Elle's obsessively high-strung, Nina's too laid back for her own good, Jessica's a total tease, Maria's a shy and reserved bookworm, and Morgan's just plain bonkers! Toss 'em all together and you've got a harem comedy that's truly like none other!

Music Video Credits
Animation: Jonathan Talas (Atan)
Original Story: Adam Arnold
Original Art: Shiei
Theme Song: The J Brothers

For more information on Aoi House, please visit: www.gomanga.com


Uh huh...Interesting

This is good an' all, but you do realize that an issue of Newtype Magazine came out with a DVD with the exact same trailer? I think was either two or three years ago, I'll have to check, so while I like this as a submission, I just hope you know that.

Aoi? O.O

Yo'! Uglysonobitch. I'm gona' be orginal in saying, STOP SPEAKING 'BOUT YO' FACE. Sorry, had to do that. ^^ Anyway. It was pretty good. I have no idea if you've made this whole plot yourself or if this is a real TV show but, it's a big ripoff of Love Hina. A boy, goes into a dorm of girls with big juicy jugs and end up repededly get smacked by the star girl who he goes out with yadadada... I'm dragging on. Anyway. There alike. Thats all. XD

That was pretty good

I dont know what that guy behind me was talking about but if he wanted hentai he shoulda read the age group first. Anyway that was a pretty cool flash some of the best drawn i ever seen.

Sweet, even catchie!

Its a nice little show.

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lol, looky at what i found!

i read the manga, so i already new this was gonna be great! i just wanted to see them in action again! And the vid. pulled it off nicely. ^^

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4.14 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2006
12:29 AM EST
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