Super Mario Nonsense 2

December 3, 2006 –
November 20, 2009
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

This is my next parody of Super Mario series. To make it I used programs: Marcomedia Flash 8 Pro, Microsoft Paint and Game Maker 5.3 (to make backgrounds).



you can cut the music on the begin scene

wow, mario must really suck since he got killed by another goomba. LOL

I give you a 10/10 cuz it was more elaborate than the last one.

That was a awesome movie, 10/10. By the way, what was that music that played in the intro?

What's funny is funny. And this was funny. I'm just watching things on t.v. on the big screen or internet just to see and show what hilarity really means

oh and here again Mugs242, this is for you! Yea your a drunk and stuff and you didn't even tell this author why you thought it sucked... Ok author this is for you, Mugs242 is just a drunk and goes to flashes and says it sucks or its bad and doesn't really expain every detail! Mugs242 was born with no balls and hes a total asshole drunk skunk! ... but good flash! I love mario! =)

And I have found one! Good shit man.
8 out of 10

nice i like it!

This was interesting for the first couple of clips but it got predictable after awhile and it was pretty obvious what he'd die of from the very beginning.
It would be great if these showed more effort and lasted a bit longer.

neato i think thats the best mario screwup thing ever!!!!! brothers is hilarios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This movie was hilarious. My favorites had to be "bad polygon", "polygon sliding", and "brutal". Great job!

very good humor, you took the violent, dark side of mario and made it hillarious! i useually dont like stuff like that but this is good!

I really liked this it was hilarious. By the way, I realized that the play button is the little enemy dude, but maybe you should tell people this in the author comments or make the play button the actual letters.

But there's something...in your movie...the "PLAY" button doesn't work,I had to do by using my mouse...

^^Good Points^^
The animation was pretty good and you used the sprites very well. Also it was very funny in some parts

^^Bad Points^^
This has been done loads of times before and its getting old. The blood needed work on too.

Pretty good spriting but has been done loads of times before.


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