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Tank SM Vs. Tank

rated 2.86 / 5 stars
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Dec 2, 2006 | 11:39 PM EST

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Author Comments

Tank_SM happens to meet up with the bigger tank and the fight starts. Who will win in this tank vs. little tank battle? Will it be the one who is strong or the one who is smart?

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

it was good....but!

it was good, but i must note some things, the battle was really good the scenario, big vs the small.who wins? nice idea and scenario, man.the music was great.but what i would like from you to do, if you plan a sequel of this battle, which i hope you do =) however,my idea for a scenario is..... is to put first the small tank alone, without company, and to be against the big tank.then, the small, to do some quick moves, and hit the big tank some times (shoot it, man) but as it sees, its not working, and with haste it retreats towards one direction.then the big tank is following it, and runs to crush it, but the lttle tank runs fast, and at the same time continues to hit the big tank while
running, with the hope of a sudden victory.however, it doesnt works, and the small tank ends in a corner.the small tank thinks this is, his end, but suddenly the other, smalls tanks come into a team, and they shoot, the big tank.they distract it that way, so it hunts them all, and they hide on that rock ,and then they come from behind and pushing it on a mine.thats my idea for a tank movie or a sequel to this.i would use this idea.i suggest you doing this idea on your flash.if you do, i ll be glad i helped however, at least mention me in it, if you will ever try to do one.however, i think this idea would your movie with a little (i see you ve got some skills) try it will make a good, thats it.

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Stuff4u2kno responds:

Thanks for the great idea. You gave me a laugh when I read about that rock =P

I'll be sure to mention you in it if I ever get around to a sequel. The big tank could come back from the grave or a family member could take the revenge.. Nice idea though ^^


Rated 1 / 5 stars


okay.. it was alot of tweening. The concept cliche'd but also very lacking.
1. Big tank=Big stupid, yes. But i'm sure it'll know there's a cliff there.
2. Small tanks.. There were multiple small tanks, they served no purpose. They did not help in the defeat of the large tank; they simply followed along with the "original" tank.
3. Maybe if you had some gun fire: small tank fast and able to dodge, with many ally's. Owns the big tank with number and skill.

I'm sorry I really can't pass this one. Try again, but do something with more original art work or a better concept.

P.S. The original SM_tank was a plead to help the SM_tank stay in existance. This one doesn't have any real message try something with more originality.

Stuff4u2kno responds:

Thanks for the review ^^


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well,it wasn't good,but not bad.

What was the whole point?It was alright.Nice preloader.They were just chasing each other?I didn't get that.Help me out here.

Stuff4u2kno responds:

They happened to meet up during their travels. The two go way back and have a real hatred of each other. The small tanks finally won with their knowledge after being chased. Enough info?