Bloody Mis-stakes

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Sometimes there is a little confusion on how to deal with vampires, but it doesn't mean you can't have fun. And hopefully those visitors I offended before will come back to see this one--it's not that bad, well not from my point of view.


They would make Simon Belmont proud....not!

......he farted


that was pretty funny

pretty funny

that was pretty funny! nice job

Dude not cool. How the hell can you be so racist.

Dude not cool. How the hell can you be so racist. i personally find this offensive against irish people. Its so obvios that George was irish. i maen he looked like a leprachun.

Swenson responds:

YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! It never even crossed my mind when I was drawing him that he was IRISH and I never intended him to be IRISH! You're reading way too much into it. Wouldn't the other character be Irish too with an accent? Wouldn't I have one of them drinking heavily to complete the stereotype? Don't throw the racist angle at me without proper evidence. It's the furthest thing from the truth. And if I did make fun of a leprechaun (spell it right, please), an imaginary creature--that also makes me racist? Or racist against leprechauns? You're a moron, I'm sorry. As a cartoonist I am usually attacked by racists and homophobes for my comic strips which satire racism and prejudice on a regular basis. If anything, in this toon there is a slight hint that these are priests out to kill vampires and that one of them ain't too bright--If I had made him Blonde I'd be racist against the Swedes. Yes, he may look slightly Irish to you because I made his jacket and hat green--but don't you think that's your problem? I hope you don't watch the Simpsons because you're really going to be offended by their school Groundskeeper.
I wouldn't respond so harshly but when you throw around the racist card so recklessly, and as a public message without bothering to e-mail me first to see what I had to say to your interpretation of my cartoon then you deserve such a response. I'm used to a lot of criticism but this is bullshit!
And now I will go watch my DVD of "Father Ted", my favorite Irish sitcom, of which I own a copy.

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Oct 19, 2001
5:48 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily Feature October 20, 2001