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Virtua Jam Drummer

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Ive just updated some of the graphics and I took the music out of the preloader but
I added a full song to play the drums too!!!

I am currently working on the delays a bit and some more of the graphics I will post very soon.
Thanks for checking this out.

This is the first installment. I am constantly adding more
and eventually there is going to be a guitarist and a basist and all that fun stuff but for now .... rip it up fool!

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R.I.P kirk cabbain

kick ass

it was a kick ass game thanks for the game

cool one

nice drumset in this one and kickass audio.... though i think that the guy headbanging in the back wasn't needed and more options in this one would've been nice, but the audio was the big key to this one, it rocked.


Nice one, man. Very nice. The only thing is the graphics. I'm sure you can work more on it and make it better. I personally think that combining pictures and animation is not the best idea. You can try making it only pictures or only animation. I don't know. I wanna see the others too. Good job!

dude, that was friggin awesome.

i command you to make more, you should do another version of that and have it like a rythem game. or maby find a way to have it so people can record their own drum beats and so if they dont have a drummer handy but they have their guitar or bass they can still jam.
i think the idea of having a guitar or bass version is awesome as well. in fact if you wanna go wild, have all three instruments at once and be able to record them so people can make their own tunes. if you keep it up and add more, work on the animation alittle, and the graphics, you'd get front page for sure.
do it! i command you!

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2006
5:51 PM EST