Phoenix Feasible

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It was called Phoenix Maybe, but I just learned there was another so i changed it to Phoenix Feasible because it's another way of saying maybe but to me it sounds smarter and it's cool because it also starts with F

Wow, yes once again another phoenix wright parody is submited to newgrounds. Original? NO, Funy? I think so.
Enjoy this lip syncing, laugh invoking, flash

I've finally decided to put what was in it cause some people are asking the names of the skits
0. Intro by Metaljonus from the audio portal
1. Turd Sandwich by South Park ep.vote or die
2. Does your chain hang low by young jibs
3. Fergalicious by Fergie
4. Angry Ticks by Rejected cartoons
5. Numa Numa by Ozone
6. Tuesday by Rejected cartoons
7. Bleeding Anus by Rejected cartoons

I know i used a lot of rejected cartoons skits but by the time i finished the Numa Numa skit I was tired and bored of making it so I just put it in cause it was funny at the time


Good Job

I liked the Turd Sandwich one, very fitting. Though the sprites moved around a lot, so try fixing the positions. Also, maybe change the name because there is already a parody entitled "Phoenix Maybe?" It seems a bit rushed like I said, just work on the positions of the sprites because it takes a lot out of the appearence.

lol nice but not orginal

but i gave you a 5 for the rejected cartoons sound and the numa one was funny other were decent. next time its should be longer and a little diffrent. over all good job.

Ertyguy responds:

THanks man, i know it's unoriginal though but hey since a lot of others were submited and the style is easy yet funny all i can thin is When in rome.

Seen it before

you said it, not bad, but we've seen it before, and a little better at that, try something original please, I think you could do well, with your own idea

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3.80 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2006
2:44 PM EST
Comedy - Parody