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I respond to all reviews!

I'm back again with my sixth flash! This one dedicated to on of Newgrounds most talented audio artists; Bad-Man-Inc!

Bad-Man-Inc is a highly skilled audio artist right here on Newgrounds, dominating in the Heavy Metal category! Put a combination of your Metal, Newgrounds and Bad-Man-Inc knowledge to the test! I have made this as a sound quiz, so when you hear the music, click the name of it. Don't know Bad-Man-Inc? I have links to his music, cheat if you want! I can guarentee that if you like metal you'll love Bad-Man-Inc.




it was good, i guessssssssss.

it was good, and i liked it, it was pretty cool and smooth.also, it was fun answering the questions about the song ,even if i dont know the dude.however, nice introduction of this guy.his music sounds cool.i guess.so, keep it up dude..... thats it.yea

Billy-Bean responds:

Thanks a bunch! I put a nice bit of effort into this and I'm glad people are taking the time to get to know Bad-Man-Incorporateds work. Naturally he has much more work that deserves as much credit as these seven songs do, so I'll probably be making a sequel or two to this. I'll also be making them for other deserving talented artists as well. Thanks a bunch!

~Billy Bean

that was really too easy

it tells you if you are right or wrong before you click ya really should fix that honestly I didnt even get to listen to the songs because of that fact try harder next time

Billy-Bean responds:

I have it set so that if you click the button it'll say right or wrong for a first go or not but at the same time if you click it but move away to try a different one it'll stop the music from playing for a real bad-man-inc fan to not be able to play it properly. I could fix it, except I did that deliberatly for newbies to play it. This game was to more introduce people to bad-man-inc, as well as for fans to test their knowledge. I was just making it easier for the less-experienced bad-man-inc fans to enjoy as well. Anyways, thanks for the review.

~Billy Bean

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Dec 2, 2006
1:35 PM EST
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