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Bohroks Vs Boxors 5

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Bohroks Vs Boxors 5 : THE MOVIE.

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To add to filipus 1000, ko-matoran are loners!

to the guy before me

seems you are noob in bionicle.
1. OF COURSE BIONICLES(matorans) CAN BE INFECTED! they are infected with: Infected masks, shadow kraata and krana/krana kal

2. yeah, bionicle have voices but it isnt really easy to find voice actors! besides, lego gives voices to characters only in movies and comercials. anywhere else-no.

3. i gotta admit, this is a mistake. no bohrok have same hands.but it is just a detail. i like it the way it is. its original to the artist.

anyways, your series rule!

I hate you!!!

because of you vionice looks like crap!
1.Bionicles cannot be infected
2.there are no voices( in th real bionicles have voices[english]got it?)
3.fire, and flying kal's do no have the same hand!(example:
kohrak-kal have slicing hands for cutting enemys in half and nuhvok-kal has smashers for smashing rocks!)

Your All Grammarz R Belongst To Its

Haha, well at first I thought you were being creative with your dialogue until I read your profile and discovered you weren't trying to mess around, but be serious.. however this in turn had a unique effect.

Number one, I love mechs. I naturally had a little attraction to your film because of your characters theme. But I can't really say I like Bionicle.. Regular Legos are cool though.. Anyway back on subject, your flash was unique in a good way because of your messy english. It gave a more believable feeling that they were robots from another world. Naturally, anything from another world would talk different than we do yet base they're language on their creators. (Granted those creators were english speaking humans.) I don't know it just made me feel like I was actually looking into the events of another world, trying to understand the language yet at the same time comprehending the communication. Its one of the few flashes I've seen where communication is transfered indirectly yet somehow clearly. I was going to give you a ton of props for it..er..until I realized what really happenend.

So now I have to decide if I'd be giving you too much credit for congratulating you for doing such a wacked up job and making a mess. Well when I put it that way, I like the sound of it. Yeah, I think I will. Congrats on your screw up. Hope to see you friggen crap up some more in the future! You make a train wreck look good. And that's something to be proud of.


Pavlov responds:


Credits & Info

2.50 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2006
1:54 AM EST