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Weeds of Destruction

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Touch the pussy to start.


cool one

a very unusual animation, but great audio from the audio portal here, cool graphics and it was alright to watch... decent entertainment too.


For a while I thought you died or something, but it's nice to that you're still alive.

Ya might wanna steer clear from F00D cuase he might bitch and moan at ya for not making a daily day 3 movie.

Astropuff responds:

School is being a bitch. I just spent 10 hours on a group project, and we're still not done. And I have 4 more seperate projects to do within this week, followed by 2 exams the next week.

So shitty shit, I'm sorry. But I spent most of my time working on SS collab thingers like the MSI cartoon and the Jetto-Ninjin one and I just didn't feel like doing anything. Tell F00D to bitch at me personally next year and I'll be make sure to do something, if not at least a compilation of recent cartoons.

~PS: Thank you for reviewing!


Very origional and funny!!

Ah you weed murderer

Would you believe my brother and sister-in-law work for a lawn care company that eradicates weeds and our last is....Weed? Its all true. My brother's catchphrase is "I am the only weed you want on your lawn!'

I loved this piece it was very original and the play on silent death was probably one of the funniest styles of comedy I have seen in a while. Everything seems to die with weed killer eh.

This piece flowed well and the story was easy to follow. I am looking forward to more original shorts like yours.


Even though you say you didn't finish it completely it's still an excellent movie, really unique animation style and excellent voice actin, and quite funny too, has alot goin for it, and not much against, i aslo like how honest you were when you said you didn't really finish, look forward to more complete flashes from you

Astropuff responds:

I had a lot more I could have done, but animation has always been tedious for me because I never find the jokes I use "funny" after having to work/watch it myself for over 8 hours. They get old fast and I always want to change parts of the movie just to keep myself from getting bored, which then irritates me because I end up NEVER finishing.

Its a horrible process of mine that normally up with me deleting 25% or more of the movie, and shoving it in the extras. This was the second time I worked this movie and I probably deleted 40 seconds of work and redid the script 4 times.

I'm glad you liked the voice acting. I actually forgot how I did the voices for the weeds, so I ended up not making new lines for them.

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4.12 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2006
12:59 AM EST
Comedy - Original