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Family Guy :Fighting Game

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There are power-ups and heath-ups in the game. We know about the laptop issue and we didn't think ahead when programming..sorry.

We didn't make it single player game because programming AI that didn't suck just took more time then what we had. We didn't want to put a half assed AI in place and have every bitch about that.

We are awear of the "off the screen" clitch when you are hit at the edge. We beleive it's one of those "ghost in the machine" things. Our coding shows that everything should work...strange.

We know that the player health is low, but remember you can block hits and grab health-ups.

Take the game for what it is, love it or hate it. But remember programming to just make "simple" things work is not always simple. *********

The epic fight of Peter and his nemesis, The Giant Chicken, can NOW be fought on yourcomputer! This game is designed in a classic two player format. Programmed by fellow Videogame.Net staff, Elbert and Andrew and design by me. Grab your buddy from the next cubical and battle it out! Family Guy Style!


kicks ass

kick ass game

didnt expetc it

The only thing is it kinda sucks if ur home by yourself lol. Oh, and if u wanna be able to hit with Peter, make sure your Num Lock is on.

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MadLabConcoctions responds:

I totaly flaked on the number keypad issue. If you have a laptop, you can't play. OOPS!


fuck this is funny


fuck this

key pad

awsome game and i know what the key pad was look at the vary right where it says up8 look down and it says only 5 look down left and it says 1 end 1end and 5 are the controls for peter

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2.36 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2006
10:52 PM EST
Action - Fighting - VS