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Bend Over Bin Laden

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I had this need to see Bin Laden die! I made this game so I could see it over and over. Splatter his ass all over the desert!



Hey! that was awesome. I hate that mother-fuckin' coward, seein' him blown to shit was great man! ya though it got a little repetitory after a few minutes, but i liked it! oh and hey dude, a little music in there would be a nice touch, but kick ass man!!

Greatest name for a game and all but.........

I just couldn't really get into this one. Still funny though. Timed aiming became a pain in the ass, but added to challenge. Not much more to say but, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MUSIC TOM, NO METAL IN THIS ONE??????
Half assed recomendation goes to Bend Over Bin Laden

ossama sucks & this game shows it

i hate Bin Laden and i hope the U.S tortures Bin Laden but does not kill because like fast 1064 said the taliban would just congradulate and admire him for his death and i also think that the
U.S and Canada(my Home)& and tons of other countrys should bomb the crap out of the taliban forces.

I believe it relieved tension and was enjoyable!

I think this game was fun. i dont think that Bin Laden really rides a magic flying carpet, but i would enjoy killing him. I think he deserves to be held in Prison in the US for the rest of his life because he would win if he died. If he died, he would become a hero in the Taliban and be remembered for a lon time. If he rots in Jail, he will not have any amount of glory of winning the US in this war. So I think we should not kill him when he is found, I think he should be kept hidden from all the world to see.


hey, nice graphics. everything moved really smoothly. you should've made more variations instead of the asshole just running back and forth though. kool game.

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Credits & Info

3.12 / 5.00

Oct 18, 2001
4:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person