Phoenix Wrong TND 3

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Yes, the style may not have changed, but there were way too many classic lines that weren't used in the previous episodes

By Popular Demand - The Track Listing:
1. "You Can't Handle The Truth" - A Few Good Men
2. "Skin Boat" - Grumpy Old Men
3. "Tylenol" - Airplane
4. "I'm as Mad as Hell" - Network
5. "Beaver" - Grumpy Old Men
6. "We Like to Party" - Vengaboys (The Six Flags Theme)
7. "Baloney Pony" - Grumpy Old Men
8. "You're a Dick" - X-Men
9. "Coitus Uninterruptus" - Grumpy Old Men
10. "Total Consciousness" - Caddyshack

I'd like to thank everyone for watching and voting for me. And for those who just had to rip on what I did, shouldn't you be playing "World of Warcraft" and letting the whole world pass you by?

Added 12-13-07:
I'd like to thank oracle32 for posting 3 or 4 of the TND series on YouTube.com. 'Course they're not as in sync as they are on here so I make sure you watch 'em there too.



It was okay I guess.

ITS about damn time!!!

why it took so long for someone to use the most famous quote from a court proceeding on the big screen "a few good men" is completely beyond me!!!! thank you for finally doing it for a mintue there i htought i was gonna have to make one of these.


I liked it and I play the WOW so there. hmphh. Also, it was good but not the best.

Sweet, just sweet.

Overall, like most of the other PWs, I've liked it. just one question though, during the "We like to party" skit, was Von Karma participating or throwing a hissy fit? I can never tell.

Pretty Good.

Some of the best of the Phoenix Wrong's submissions.

Really liked the "You Can't Handle the Truth" part and the Vengaboys :P

Keep up the good work.

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4.14 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2006
7:01 PM EST
Comedy - Parody