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Awesome Video Games - Ep2

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"Awesome Video Games" is a brand new series from FFSTV. Ace and Chet are a throwback to late 80's/early 90's videogame television. The days where videogame tips were hardly anything but speculation and instructions from the booklet.

NOTE: This file is almost 14mb huge, so you may want to turn back if you haven't got width in your band.

More episodes at FFSTV.com.


Gold, my friend!

Great stuff bro. My buddies showed me your videos on your site the other day; good to see them on newgrounds!

Keep it up dude!

No offense but...

... it just really wasn't funny. I mean, I could see where the jokes were coming from, and how this concept could evolve into something that's truly hilarious, but this installment just didn't cut it.

The way the jokes were delivered was fine, but the problem wasn't the delivery, it was the comedy itself. It became annoying after a while and really dragged toward the end.

To reiterate, this could be really funny, and continue to be well made, if you just write some material that will actually make people laugh.

FarFromSubtle responds:

Be sure to check out more AWESOME episodes on FFSTV.com!

Stay rad my friend!


haha that was great dont listen to the uptight jerks keep em coming

Not bad

I love how rough you guys are with the system. lol.

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FarFromSubtle responds:

The Nintendo is so Awesome, it can take our awesome move any day dude! Thanks for watching!

NOT BAD.....LOL LOL LOL HA HA HA HA mmm... sorry


FarFromSubtle responds:

It's all good dude! Rad!

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3.78 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2006
5:37 AM EST
Comedy - Parody