bubble breaker

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use the mouse to blow bubbles at the same color, the more bubbles you blow the higher your score.
i made this game with:
yoav "koolfox" landau
mrNinya (www.deadtoast.com)

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great! dad has on pocket pc

loved it! my dad has an exteremely similair game on his pocket pc.his is all 1 level tho and u get 4 different modes and its either impossible or near impossible to break all the bubbles. the modes are: standard, continuous, shift and megashift. try and make that coz that rocks.such a simple game can be so addictive!

Good game, but some things are not right

It was a pretty good game surely. I like simple games like this, which does require a little thinking, but not much. Also liked the backgroundmusic a lot.

However, I think there´s something wrong with it. The first couple of levels were okay, everything work fine and all. But after a while, I started to get a whole lot of white bubbles in one field. So I thought I was just lucky, but the next level also had a lot of white bubbles. This just kept going on till nearly the whole field was white. I got 400.000+ points per level at a certain moment by removing all those white bubbles, and I had 2.115.000 points in total (at level 110, where only 100.000 was needed). Perhaps you could take a look at it, cause this can´t be right.

I also found something else. When you just play an ordinary game (with a minimum amount of points to advance), you can´t start your game at level 1, but have to start at level 2. This really gave me a huge disadvantage, cause you can get a lot of points at the first level. Because of this, I couldn´t get any further then level 4... I haven´t had this problem yesterday, so did you changed anything? If you did, then I think it would be better if you changed it back. The neverending game mode isn´t really that much fun, and the ordinary one is kinda ruined now. I didn´t liked the neverending mode, cause you started with a whole lot that can be removed quickly, but you only get very few bubbles back. So you can´t get very far... My highest score was about 4.000

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. It´s a pretty nice game, but really too bad there are some things not right. The idea was good and it was pretty well made. Anyway, I hope you can fix those things I mentioned above. Keep it up.


It's a great game, And very addicting to play.


Very good graphics, and loved the music and clear disappear sounds.

There was one bug though. After completing a few levels, it got very easy. There were lots more white bubbles than any other colour, so they were easier to clump together.
This got worse as more levels went by, with one enormous block of 68 whites, and the score already over double of the points needed to proceed at level 27.

Overall, good idea and style, but it got a bit boring after a while.

It was okay...

This game was okay, but it's lacking in fun. I'm not saying it's bad, it is a nice little time waster. I will say this you need different music.

*Fun little time waster
*Good Graphics
*Nice Idea

*The music sucks

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3.82 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2006
2:31 PM EST
Puzzles - Other