Some Red Thing

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This is my very first flash,I thought of submitting it cause,well,you gotta start somewhere,and I think this is a fair beginning....

...Well,you'll be the judge of that.



^^Good Points^^
A neat little storyline you developed here. I agree that this is a good start. You had pretty good animations in this and the storyline was creative and funny. I guess it could go on forever...

^^Needs Improving^^
In the beginning I noticed it doesn't really look like they guy is moving forward. You should add something in the background in order to simulate movement as well. I thought the ending could have just been a slight bit longer to exemplify what I said above.

okay one

it was an alright animation... alright for a first animation, but this one was way too short and really could've had some more to it. your drawings were alright, but i think that some more could've been done to this one... a plotline of some sort probably would've been the best for this one.

Not bad for a first.

For a first flash, this isn't bad. Though it's too short and the sound needs to be rethought.

Good job, keep practicing.

More effort needed.

More effort is needed, higher framerate.
Better graphics and animation.
Better quality sound perhaps less high volume.
And most of all longer.

Cute (I never thought I would say that)

It was though, nothing else came to mind. I actually really liked it, I hope it stays with us. And this was a very goos start.

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1.87 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2006
1:18 PM EST
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