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Author Comments

Music video tribute to goto80’s catchy song „Comsten“. WARNING! Don’t watch this if you are an epileptic because it will give you seizures without a doubt. If you think you are strong enough watch the video with your lights off (I couldn’t handle it in full screen and lights off). It took me more than 2 years to finish this video and I am rather surprised it took me that long and I am glad (and a bit proud of myself) I am finally done. I picked this song because 1) it’s catchy as hell 2) I love it 3) goto80 rocks 4) chiptunes rock in general 5) I always wanted to animate a song but they were all too long so I am surprised one of the shortest songs I could find still took me that long 6) the song is just so full of power and it doesn’t have any lyrics which tell me what’s going on so I could illustrate and animate whatever I felt like was going on in the song. A big reason why it took me so long could be because Adobe Flash can be (and actually is) pretty buggy so a big NO THANKS to Adobe for selling overpriced software that’s full of bugs. Visit www.goto80.com (He did the awesome song. I only did the crappy animation) if you enjoy great music. If you want to contact me you can send me a message (PM) on Newgrounds, myspace http://www.myspace.com/markp0rter or Deviant Art http://markp0rter.deviantart.com/ . If you are into Instant Messaging (I’m sorry but don’t ask me anything about programs and how to do stuff. I am only fine with talking about music, movies, video games and other chitchat) you can contact me via AIM: MarkP0rter or MSN: Mark.P0rterAThotmail.com (replace the AT with @ and bear in mind it’s NO email address). Enjoy the video :)

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it was an alright animation. the graphics were okay and the song was cool too, i think that the animation itself could've used some more work to it... did you seriously work 2 years on this one? this one is also your 1st animation as well... if you are having difficulties, i would suggest checking out some tutorials in order to help you. they should be able to assist you.

eh, its alright

did that really take you two years to finish?

MarkP0rter responds:

It’s probably embarrassing to admit this and I am surprised myself but it seriously took me two years. Of course I didn’t work on it every day because I am a slacker but still it took a lot of time because I wanted the animations to fit to the music and be synchronized and I had to deal with a lot of Flash issues. Anyways doing music videos is a pain in the ass in my opinion. I am always surprised how many people actually create flash music videos because I find them to be way more harder and time consuming than doing a flash with dialogs and a story (which doesn’t mean music videos don’t have a story but you get what I am trying to say).

seizure time

yea i was gettin some weird reaction with watchin that. its good and bad at the same time, n yea i dun think im a fan of music that goes this fast. it was interesting to just stare at the flashing lights and weird shiz thou.

Let me guess... GarageBand?

Graphics: You're good at drawing kitties!

Style: Erm... original... a music video full of sguigly faces/eyeballs/etc. that may provoke seizures....

Sound: Meh....

Interactivity: The image that you put on (the crazy kitty) was fun to push.

Humor: The kitties. Oh yes, and the randomness.

Overall: A 4/5. Better than most submissions to the portal.

Super Happy Seisure Time!!!

If you get past the initial craziness you will find even more craziness. After dropping my iq a few dozen points I actually found this a bit entertaining. It may be a little too random... I didn't like the music but it seemed to fit the movie ok.

MarkP0rter responds:

thank you very much for your review. yeh i would say I am very far away from main stream music when it's about my musical taste at least there are way too many folks who dislike chiptunes.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2006
12:01 PM EST
Music Video