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Pootytang Response

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Nov 25, 2006 | 10:29 PM EST

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Author Comments

Basically, this was made to make myself and some other people laugh after watching Pootytang Adventures 20. After watching the movie, I left a review that expressed my opinions in a respectful manor, and the author was... an idiot.
The crappiness of the movie is purposly done, because I only wanted to prove a point. I don't intend to flame the author, rather to get my opinions across in a similar medium. THIS IS NOT AN ATTACK ON THE AUTHOR!
Yes... That is my real voice, poke fun if you wish!
Edit: I forgot to thank Splashman.EXE for his contribution to this film. He fixed all the ActionScript for me (because I havent used it since Flash 5).



Rated 5 / 5 stars


About time.

I was going to planning on making my first flash sometime next year (maybe) about the cleansing of Newgrounds of pointless spam-artists who enjoy making piece-of-shit-flashes we have to sift through, in an ultra-violent manner. But this works as well.

Overall 10.


mecha-chao responds:

Im working on my 2nd submission as we speak, and I'm putting TONS of effort into it. I'm even working with a hentai artist to make sure the graphics and character designs are top notch.
Not to give too much away, but its a game, with boobs, sticks with super powers, shooting, and lots of power ups/downs.
Good luck on your submission, PM me with it when you are finished.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The Internet is serious business

I would have never expected someone actually would do this, bravo. In all honesty, my author's response wasn't intended to be serious; I simply enjoy screwing around with people. This flash is so drenched in irony because you seem to be on a crusade that I used to be on back in the day, right down to the narrative rant. If you watch the HNTs in my profile (the one's that happened to win awards) they were essentially a rant on the misdoings of NG, much like this flash was. Nowadays I make movies to "make myself and some other people laugh" I know damn well the general NG audience may not appreciate. Additionally, "the crappiness of [those] movie[s] is purposely done, because I only wanted to prove a point."

I don't judge myself to be an Internet badass for winning those awards that I threw at you, I could care less. I am 21 and all I care about is making it into graduate school so I may accomplish my life ambitions and end my life on a good note. Quite frankly, since it is my alias that won those awards, most people in my life will never know, and frankly I could care less. It simply showed the same bunch of idiots who pass my "Pootytang" flash happened to like my flash enough at the time to vote highly on it. As I previously stated, I commented on your review to fool around with you, and quite frankly your review wasn't as much of constructive criticism as you claimed it to be. If I condense your review it stated; "You spent no time on this, and it had nothing of substance that anyone else could not imitate." So where in that review is comments about how to do the flash better? "Add a hook," by golly how descriptive! NG reviewers in general seem to be on this high horse that their opinions matter. The purpose of the review system is to tell an author how to improve. The whistle points I receive for the dozens of "abusive" reviews and non-helpful reviews is astounding, and people will still not realize it because they think it was deleted for the "author's comments," which is simply ignorant because there is no such thing as "abusive" author comments and Tom made a good thread as to why.

Then, people will speculate that I have this vast conspiracy network that helps these flash pass. If this were true, don't you think Wade would have shut us down already with the technology NG possesses? Wade knows who votes on what and when and with what IP, and he will delete people who form mass conspiracies to vote up shitty flash or rig flash awards, etc. and he has. These flash pass because the general NG voter thinks it will pass, and they want a save point, which is why it mysteriously will have around a score of 2 every time. The general NG voter will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don't even tell my friends I submitted a "pootytang" until after its passed; you can even ask floppy because he'll usually see it hours afterwards because of time zone. Heck, if you wanted proof, I could give you the pootytang preloader and you could submit a numbered pootytang flash with anything you wanted in it, and it would pass without a problem. I even made a flash about this dynamic back in the day in "HNT Finale" but it fell on many deaf ears.

While I appreciate this flash, I can tell you that we aren't as different as you would like to think, and while I do appreciate your crusade and your first stab at flash, we are more on the same page than you would like to think.

So for sake of review, the humor was well placed and contributed to a contemporary and apparent issue of NG politics, the graphics as you said were not so great but you were intentionally doing that so its not a problem, the animation was well done and the average user wouldn't pick up the repetition of frames you had done unless looked at closely, I would have preferred a catchy song in the background like some Joplin to emphasis some of the comedy but the flash wasn't particularly hurt without the music, the buttons were well-placed and utilized effectively, and I enjoyed the overall style. My thoughts on the content can be inferred. ;)

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mecha-chao responds:

Im glad you watched it and had something better to say this time around.
I stand by what I said, the flash I made a response to did look like it took around 30 seconds to make, and it was boring. I didn't like it so I said something about it. You can feel the same way or different about my flash, it doesnt bother me in the least bit.

This was my first flash, and I didnt want to put TOO much effort into it as I said, I just wanted something to show. It made me laugh, and thats good enough. Theres no BG music because I wanted to keep the filesize down. I personally HATE loading 10 megs of well... nothing. This is why I hate Myspace so damn much.

Thanks for watching. My next flash project is being developed at this moment, and is slightly better drawn. It IS hilariously funny though, but wont be done for many months. And there will be waffles


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Oh man.

You can not kill PootyTang Adventures.

I can see why you have a life now buddy.
Making some big ass flash all because you didn't like our review.
I dont blame you, its probably because your black.

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mecha-chao responds:

nope... im sorta white. :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sharp as a whip

Good job that all i can say and if my 5 can save this from the obituaries then ive done good. BUT SO HELP ME GOD IF THIS IS KILLED!!

mecha-chao responds:

Nope, it got saved! Thanks for the support :D


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I love you

You rock, and I want to have your children.

Your voice is uber-sexy.