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This is the first flash that me and my mate have made, and hopefully not the last. If you dont like Runescape or dont know anything about it, please dont vote unfairly. The sound quality is rarther low and we know that.

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big waste of time!

if you looked at runescape now you wouldnt be makeing fun of it!


not the best but good for a firstie. and yes im making my own first animation, i worked on it for about 3 weeks now anfd its about 130 frames without sound fx or dialogue lol >< i share ur pain. anyway... kool work :D

god damnit

hell yeah that was funny ^^ i don't give a shit about what other ppl say, that seemed funny to me.. just.. u can improve graphics and animations. but what the hell am i talking about, i can't animate properly myself -.- anyway, good job, cheers mate



Wow this movie was good :P Must of took ages hehe

Gamewar responds:

The movie took about 5 years to make. rofl :D.


And this should be funny?

Gamewar responds:

It contains runescape related jokes that non-rs-players wouldnt understand: eg - barrows is a type of expensive armour. Go blam other flashes that deserve it, and let us know when you have the nerve to make your own flash, can't wait to review it.