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BreakOut: Ep 1.

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Author Comments

Hey all!
This is a textgame that i made. I worked a long time on this, and it contains a 1000 script lines. As said before, it's a textgame, where you need to type commands in order to continue. Please vote fair.
Reviews are more than welcome.

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geat game i'm sure it was really hard to make but i think it gets pretty boring after a while

not bad

I like this game, even though I can't get find what gets me past that guard with the gun :(
Any hints?
I found 4 items so far.
if only I could get the bones or the chain from in cel1 and cel2
I like that response from exmine corps.

Good text-based game!

The only issues with this game are, as some people have stated, that you need something to say "I dont understand how to ..." and you should be able to examine every object it mentions. Plus, if you try to like pick something up and thats not part of the main story it should say something like "I dont want that!". There was a glitch: When you enter hall 3 it says you can go left or straight on, but you cant go left. Overall though, it was a good game - just needs dialogue for every action! OH YEAH ONE MORE THING: You have to type "drop match" at one point, however, "drop" is not mentioned in the commands box.

Cia-Vamp responds:

Thx for the revieuw. I'm working on a new one and who knows, I might even finish it :)

thus far

+++ Cool music

-- Though I'm not sure it suits the mood perfectly. Something more detached, kinda using sparse bits of melody (like Equinox on Snes) rather than an ongoing stream, might work better.

--- It annoyed me when I tried to pick up the keys from the guard and couldn't do so. I came back after finding the door and could. Why couldn't we pick up the keys earlier?

--- Sometimes, when we type in something, it's not obvious whether we made a typo or a mistake in our syntax, or if we're just barking up the wrong tree.
Maybe have responses for everything. Like if we say 'examin tabl', you could say, 'I don't understand "table"' and if we say 'examine table', you could say, 'its perfectly ordinary' or 'there's nothing special about it'. Maybe a few stock phrases, one of which you pick at random.

?? Maybe have text be added to that in the window (deleting lines at the top if there's insufficient space) rather than just replacing it.

---- Often, I couldn't examine things I felt I should be able to. A red hand on the guard's face? What's that all about? When did that appear? Do you mean a handprint? Why can't I examine it?

-- When using the computer, the little icon switched between the white scrap and the red explosion each time we use the PC.

+++++ Not many other (if any) text adventures on NG.

+++ The start had me instantly hooked. Kinda cliched scenario, but it works. I hope that we learn more about why we're here etc.

++++ Shower/toilet bit amused.

++ I like how the map teases us.

Actually thought this may be just another breakout game!

I was hoping it would be a bit different and glad that for once my wish came true!

I started the game, got the key, passcard, safe combo and map, used the toilets and shower (heh) and examined the smell. Now kinda lost as to what to do, though I'd definitely like to come back to this.

Made me smile and kept me intrigued thus far, although sometimes annoying just trying out all the different things... part and parcel of the genre, but the annoyance would be lessened by some messages in response.

By the way, please don't give me any clues. Well, maybe a tiny one...

Cia-Vamp responds:

Ow dude! Thx for this amazing review. It really helped me. Ill keep all your tips in mind.
Here are some clues to go on:
-you might find something intresting in the toilet cabinet
-the item you found in the cabinet is used in the hall to the right of hall1. (stop reading here if you want to try yourself how to use!!!!!:
1 light match
2 drop match while burning
3 the oil on the floor starts burning and you are able to go on)


Absolutely brilliant! Top notch game that inspired me till the end! I'll be glad to replay it anytime and I'm very excited to see more of the same! Good luck with your work in the future!!

Credits & Info

2.82 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2006
8:10 AM EST