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Press Start: Strategy

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Press Start: Bonus Levels
"Strategy Games"

Princess Passion Fruit calls the Resistance together to form a plan of attack against the dastardly Count Vile. This episode kicks off a new five episode pseudo-season!

It also features the voice of Egoraptor, the creator of Metal Gear Awesome and Awesome the Hedgehog -- among others.

"Press Start: Bonus Levels" is a monthly animated series based on the upcoming videogame comedy movie "Press Start".

Each episode is only a few minutes long and features the voice talents of the "Press Start" cast, as well as others, plus music by professional videogame composer Jake "virt" Kaufman.

For more information about "Press Start", visit www.PressStartMovie.com.

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Damn lol I feel ancient still watching this in 2016 )


I went to Jake's site, but he has hundreds of songs. Which song is used in the beginning and end of this video? Also, great job, keep it up.

One of the first!

It was really interesting to find out what Egoraptor's first episode was like. It is really cool to see this for the first time because you really get to see how much the series has organization. It really would have helped if I had seen an introductory episode like this before really getting into the series. The animation is pretty cheasy, but it actually does manage to have good designs. I could not talk about all the writing on the newspaper that Count Vile is on, even though I sometimes do that in my reviews. I think the funniest guy here is Buzz.

choose between yourselves in calm ma....MELEE!

lol nice at least pete gets her =p


wow this is the most exiting video i have ever seen

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4.22 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2006
8:17 AM EST