Russian Mafia on Mars

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My new movie is called «Russian Mafia on Mars», it’s a video for the Russian band The Produkt$. When was the last time you saw the Weather Man? Noticed anything funny? Watch closely...


It would be funny if they pulled the trigger XD :D

kinda like destroy all humans2 milen kov was human leader of the blisk lol loser mode off.....................

Damn good

In the beggining it doesn't seems good, but damn, it is. The only thing I complain is that repeating part at the end.


I really liked the song and the animation. But I didn't like the flash overall because of the whole masturbation thing. I mean, I guess I'd understand it if I could understand Russian. Oh well. Good job though.

kinnda sucked

this submishin thing was pritty bad. first of all th graphices were some thing from old days. i think you could do much better. however the music really went with it. and the violence was pritty good. still work on it. i know graphics on the computer are hard. but get some templates if you have too. im talking not only to you but also to other game makers.it was not a game so i will not count interactivityand it was not funny so there is that. it was not comady so i wont count that. over all though it was pritty good.

Very Cool

I love this! It's a very cool flash, the graphics are very good without trying to be overly detailed, and the colouring is perfect.
The flash fits the music perfectly.
Great job! Three thumbs up -- if ya know what I mean ;P

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4.26 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2006
4:04 AM EST
Music Video