Virus Hunt 2

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Well i guess the best part of this game was making it. Hopefully you have as much fun playing it as i did making it :P

Enjoy, and vote truthfully :)


It's not very original.

Well, this is basically a new coat of paint to the mouse avoider games. and there isn't really anything to do but..get through the stages. Perhaps adding a point, or unlockables, or a world map, or something.

Great game!

Great game, but in easy mode lvl 3 i don't get it, i din't hit the thingy (or the pacman's) and it said i died. anyways besides that, you are getting a 5/5

That was nice:)

next time make a interminable level ( that you still have life after dieing ) would be nice because its difficult and some " virus " like pacman are round and when you get next to them you die ( its like a square ) please fix this ... maybe make the graphics better like the background moving or just changing colors each levels cause black is boring. Same thing to music:). good job i like it


The game isn't that good but is nice and simple and addictave. Like the choice of song for the game. If the game had slightly better grafiks and perhaps sheilds? The game would be better


^^Good Points^^
Fun little game you've got here. It's a lot more creative than most mouse maze evasion games that people submit. At least you spiced it up with a good storyline and unique graphics. The game got challenging quick, which was good since I don't like to waste time on slow games.

^^Needs Improving^^
You could stand to simplify your instructions a bit. Like you could combine all of the enemy pages and give less of a description of each. People will get turned off by stuff like that.

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1.84 / 5.00

Nov 24, 2006
1:54 AM EST
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