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This cartoon is lengthy and has heavy dialogue, so if you're impatient dont waste your time. I hope you enjoy the cartoon for what it is, its a new direction for me to take. You may miss some of the subtle humour thrown in, so a repeated viewing is encouraged. If you catch any glitches let me know. I've only shown it to a few people so some things probably got overlooked. Enjoy.

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I am happy to see you back, and your awesome flash

I think this is your best, I don't know where you get these ideas that makes your movie(s) just awesome. May graphics isn't great but I love your style dude... Style is more important then all.

I have some questions to you:

Why this cooker is bigger then peopel?

Will you make another flash?

Will you continue diablo parody in new better quality? (I think after
time you get some flash skills and experience)

Why you make flash after long time?

Oh btw. You are still one of my favorite flash artist after 3 years.

Very well done.

Thanks for taking the time to put high quality work like this together. I really enjoyed it and don't think it was to long, but I don't have ADHD and can sit still for more than 30 seconds without tweaking. Keep up the good work and good luck.

night-raider responds:

Thanks for watching the cartoon, Im always happy to hear positive feedback.

Well then...

Well that flash was rather deppressing. It was good don't get me wrong, but man that was just well I can't think of a word realy. Well good work and next time you may want to make it a tad shorter.

night-raider responds:

Ahaha, well not everything can have a happy ending. My next work definetly wont be as long, but I feel that the time it takes was important to the story. So theres nothing I can really consider cutting out.

well, it was good....

but too long!!!!!! make it shorter.... woah...... a really long movie.....
however, it was good, but please next the time ,make it shorter.

night-raider responds:

My next cartoon wont be as long, that I can assure you.


So loooong....
It was pretty good, but not really my kinda thing

night-raider responds:

Fair enough, thanks for watching. By the way, there was shooting at the end, I think violence shouldve been higher than 0.