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Nov 23, 2006 | 1:12 AM EST

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Author Comments

Hi I'm TBone Tony.

This is my first submission here.

This is my flash game I made at college this year.

You can also see my work on Deviantart.

This is my first submission in my TBoneQSLO account so any comments are ok as long as they are not offencive.

I hope people don't mind if I use my own preloader but for my future submissions I will include the newgrounds preloader next time.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not bad one

it was an alright game, a decent challenge to it, good gameplay and your efforts were quite good. i also noticed that this one was made for college, was it for a class? if so, then i hope you got a good mark for it.

TBoneQSLO responds:

Yes I did get a good mark on it.

My class was really pushing me to make it good because I was the only one who wanted to make my own game.

The rest of my class only made a space shooting game that was copied from my teacher.

Plus it was the first time we ever done game design in my college so I was one of the first to try and create my own original game.

I'm happy to know you liked it.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


a really challanging game, and pretty well made too... keep it up

TBoneQSLO responds:


The inspiration was from Octopus on the Game and Watch gallery for GBA.

I wanted to make a game like that but my class wanted me to make it more challenging by adding more paths. It made things more complicated in my view but I balanced it out in the end.

My class wanted me to make it even more complicated but I did not want it to be too hard and I had only 4 weeks to get everthing in.
So I did not have time to add in any more levels that I wanted to.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad for a 1st submit

Overall a wonderful concept.

needs work on Collision detection, and Quality control, runs really slow unless you have an uber kickin system. Less snakes might help with that as well.

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TBoneQSLO responds:

Thanks for your honesty.

I felt that I was pushing the software too hand in some areas.

The snakes were a symbol in another symbol. That might have slowed things down.

My original design was a young jungle woman who had to collect berries and go down this one path dodging snakes. I even put a snake in the bush to make things hectic.

but as my class wanted me to create things more complicated like longer maze like path, but I just took their advice but made changers so there are multiple paths to go.

plus they wanted me to make a joung jungle girl instead of a woman so I had to change her outfit to suit her age.

Added in quicksand, and an man eating plant within the trees to make players stay on the right path.

I tried to stick to a grid type of format but my class was all about how it looked and not on how it played to I was under alot of pressure there.

The square grid type of format would have made things more easy to understand because of Symbols comming with a blue square outline. but my class wanted me to make things curvy and their design would have made things too complicated.

Somehow they think that complicated is better but I don't want to make the simple things too hard for the user or else it was too fusterating.
But for my first flash game I felt that it was good but could have used a bit more time without being rushed in my college class.

Plus in college I had many other things to hand in so to make this game the best would be too hard to do in my situation.

I am thinking of making a sequel and trying to add more levels, but not too many snakes in one level just so we don't have any slow down issues with computers on dial-up.

So in the end. I was happy but there are things I would like to have changed without people in my class trying to make me do things too complicated.