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Imaginary Realm 2

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Author Comments

You need 3 things to be able to enjoy this, 1. Patient, 2. Bad grammar tolerance, 3. An open mind (Like you know, if you hate anime, you should avoid this.)

Made in 2005. This is a direct sequel to Imaginary Realm 1. There are 10 endings, 13 magazines, 31 costumes in total. Enjoy... hopefully... Maybe?

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Well I got some of the endings , including the ideal ending was more like a lol wtf ending,

like it
(the game)

great game hha XD

How to get a Funny ending or a perfect ending

To get the Funny ending go to Yumbrads room and click on the pink notebook and click select this (its a perv magizine lol xp)
to get the perfect ending go to Rosey room and play tic tac toe on the first turn the board should look like this
turn 1:
- - -
- o x
- - -

turn 2:
- o -
- o x
- x -

turn 3:
o o -
- o x
x x -

turn 4: this is the winning turn
o o -
o o x
x x x - :D and select the magizine she gives you

Excellent Game

Yumbrad is so hottt