The Shadow Effect Pre.

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*ZOMG my first 2/5 *sniff* *

This is the trailer/preview of my new series, which is already underway. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd epidsodes should be done by March. Im very new at flash, thats why it takes me so long, this being my secnod flash. Also, plz help me with the glitches you see in this flash. I dont know how to get them out i need help from experienced users. Thank you and enjoy! ^^


not bad one

it was an alright animation. pretty random overall, but your efforts were cool and it was alright to watch.

It was ok.

it was good enouf, but the text went too fast. But still, it wasn't that bad. Keep practising ;P

Hey cool!

You remind me of the movies I used to make. But one thing. Try to make it more smoother. The background looks out of place. Make your flash on a black background and not white. It was all good. It needed more patience. Please reply to this, do you have aim or msn? I can help

Le sigh.

Sprites are extremely overdone, hombre.

Some originality would definately help.


This looks promising, but you have to work on the quality of the sprites a bit. Other than that the animation looks solid and fast- paced. If you work on the sprites a little mor, then I'm sure this will be pretty good. Also, You should have a storyline as well, otherwise the action alone might not be enough. Good job though.

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2.36 / 5.00

Nov 22, 2006
12:59 AM EST
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