Die-Rect Hit (teaser)

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VENOM: "I'm BACK!----And I'm BADDER"

*..29/11/06*...thank u all very much for ur views and reviews*.. i'm not the greatest animator out here but i know my potential. giving some one encouragements always pushes them further. i welcome all critizisms. let me know my weaknesses. i will get better.

the track used was the DOOM 3 theme. after hearing it a few times, it eventually gave me this urge for "Blood" thirst. my ideas came naturally when i listened to the daggering "blades" of the music. i have a few more musically inspired ideas. i'll make sure they're alot more eye catching.


Pretty freakin' amazing,

Although I admire the animation,greatly, I couldn't help but notice the overuse of gradients, and the sub-par drawings before the fight, instead of radial gradients, use linear, and press F in flash to align it up and stuff, also, try to use as little gradients as possible, only for special effect, such as gloss, or a shiny window, stuff like that, I've learned that animation is ALL about color

pretty awesome!!

Great animation, and style. The music fit in very well too. I like the way u had the characters constantly in motion, it gave the entire animation a nice flow. Now all u need is a good plot.
Can't wait for the final version!!


I enjoyed the movie very much, reminds me of series like Trigun.
I've heard the music before btw, but don't know the name, which I'd really like to know... Could you tell me please?^^

P.S.: Why am I getting the following msg the whole time...:
"Error - it looks as though you're being passed through some sort of auto-submission script. Please go back and try again."... >_<


That was GREAT! Loved it! CONTINUE!

Awesome animations

The anims had a real feeling of weight, even though most of them were over the top. I have to admit i feel that the concept of ├╝ber assasin mega fighter owning all and everybody is quite stale and done to its near death, but the animation is still worth a 5 for the incredible effort.

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4.01 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2006
8:54 PM EST
  • Daily 4th Place November 23, 2006