Mario and The Lost Coin

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ah 2004.



a very funny flash, with a good, strong theme. Hilarious!!!

CIA responds:

but why a 6...

Mario is greedier then Wario!

Mario died trying to get rich. That was hilarious. You guys did a great job at making this flash. I hope your planning another collab some time soon. Keep up the good work!

CIA responds:

why a 6? Thats a bad grade xD

"Presentation At the begginning was very good."

Was the first thought, that ran through my head as the preloader started. The drawn Mario had a great style to it; even the hand-drawn writing was a nice touch! I went through the menu's, (Very nice may I add) with buttons sparkling, Maybe this was going to be one the BEST Mario collabs!

Alas, the actual flash started, and I was not amused. This is a tried and tested formula, that frankly doesn't make me even smile.

Graphics: 9

As I said, the presentation at the the start was lovely, - so that gives it an automatic 7. The sprites were nicely ripped, and now horrible sprites were used.

Style: 5

The menu etc at the start is the only defining character of style here. Sprites have absolutely NO style, unfortunately. However, if that mario at the start was used, I would have given a 7 (Or above).

Sound: 4

Mario *yawn*

Violence: 3


Interactivity: 10

Had all the shiz a collab needs C:

Humour: 2

Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall, Mario hits the wall..... Gets a bit repetitive, eh?

Overall: 6

A nicely presented sprite flick. Talent was there, but the jokes were horribly dry. This has been done a million other times, and quite a few of those did it better. Nice eye-candy (and sadly very poor jokes) - This is hugely overrated. But well done anyway.

{Mario collabs almost always get a daily place, so feel robbed if you don't win an award.}

CIA responds:

hehehe im glad i put you in the easter egg. Cuz i knew you were gonna have a problem with this collab. ur predictable.

Nice job

It was good...exept for the fact that those graphics are really old.

CIA responds:



Mario should give up on coins and leave with Rosalina to collect star bits :D

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4.25 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2006
4:09 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
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