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The Supanova Conflict P1

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Everyone’s favourite Time Lord (Doctor Who) gate crashes an anime convention. Randomness, crossovers and hilarity(?) ensue. Part 0.5 of 2. Written by Zannek McMaro and Animated by Jaylaw_theman.

Zannek’s comments: I came up with this idea after my first (unsuccessful) attempt at cosplay. What we have here is an unfinished work. This is only about a quarter of the whole script, and unfortunately most of the really good stuff’s been cut out. This is the first half of the first episode (there are two in total). We’ll post the rest of the script on Jay’s MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ja ylaw_theman. Word of warning: yes, it’s bad. I wrote it over a year ago. We promise Gen 3 will be better. Uh…honest! ^_^;;

Jaylaw's comments: After about 8-9 months of on and off and on and off and off work it's finally done! I'm sorry to my "fans" (If there is any) that it took this long. Let me put it this way: I got WoW. That should clear the whole situation up. But now that, that's over we can get back to Genesis – Part 3. And believe me, Zannek and I are having massive ideas for it and I'm getting excited to start working on it again and now that I'm on holidays it should only take about 3 months to finish, maximum. I don't even know if I will finish The Supanova Conflict series. I didn't really enjoy working on this one. But if there’s enough demand for it I'll start working on it. I’m going to start working on my website pretty soon, but I think I’ll need some help with the designs to get it off the ground.

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at least it held my attention for the entire clip. So I know it was good.

Great job

Hmm... You've lost me

Well, you've got most of it right. Graphics and sound. But you've lost me there. Why are they at the American Supernova compertitions? It looks random to me. Try to make the storyline, more clear. Hey, it's good to know of some Australian Flash artists who acctully have talent. It's just I don't get the storyline. Still good though.

Good, but too short.

The graphics in this movie were brilliant. All the sound effects and stuff was good as well. However, it almost took longer to load than it did to view. It didn't really go anywhere. You didn't have to cram as many references as you possibly could in there, either. I'm sure there'll be plenty of chances to do that when the next part comes out in however many years. (Hint: do one series at a time.)

Overall, not too bad, but this would've been much better if you held out for longer and finished the whole first part.