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Drink Driving

rated 2.27 / 5 stars
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Nov 19, 2006 | 10:30 AM EST

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Author Comments

This was originally a small physics project, but I changed it a little and NG-ified it. In case your wondering what it has to do with Physics...the answer is nothing at all. The word reaction time just about does it...
I will (eventually) respond to ALL reviews, so PLZ review :P



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

from the noise

+++ Good message.

--- Not very resonating. I doubt anyone will feel shocked or 'moved' by this. I doubt this will bring any change in anyone's behaviour.

--- Sound is horribly irritating.

- Blood is a tad flat and overly straight looking.

-- you give numbers, but is that for the UK? Specify!

+ Though it's better than looking messy...

++ Black and white noise seems to have some curves, kind like magnetic fields one might see on a TV. Did you engineer that somehow, or did Photoshop just make it like that after you pressed the button.

Good message but apart from the noise, that just irritates, it's all dull.

More imaginative effects with the text may have helped?

The-FlashMaster responds:

(in order of points)
-turn the volume to full and put it full screen on an interactive smartboard, in a dark room (what it was made for).
- the sound is the only version I could find on the internet at such short notice.
- the blood (for some reason) slowed the whole thing down when i tried to add depth to it (thus no 3d or realism)
-actually i used paint (photoshop hates corel and won't install on my pc for some obscure reason)the effect is seen in any two pictures like this that are moved from one point to another (over the other picture) and repeated.
The bitmaps really slowed it down and made it a nightmare to export so a lot of time was spent compressing and reducing.
-this flash definitely wasn't my best, but is quite good on short notice and was a test of my 'white noise' skills, nothing more. To be honest i wasn't especting the rating to be higher than i'm pleased!

BTW the white noise was on 6 layers, all of which had the same picture.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Dont show us a power point presentation, show us a flashmaster peice....

The-FlashMaster responds:

At least you used a pun. This isn't ppt, if it was you'd know. This is a quick thing to showcase, nothing more.
By the way, that FlashMaster piece will come in the form of Monster, when I eventually finish it. Thanks for the review, no thanks for the awful score; come on even the swearers put more effort in reviewing than you!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars


You think you're the first person to say "don't drink and drive?" There is absolutely no one who can drive a car who hasn't been told this and the effects of it. The only thing this flash successfully does is finger point and annoying tell people about something they already know.

Improvements?: If you must do boring informative content, at least pick a subject that is not so obvious and painful. After that relay your message in a semi-amusing way rather than black and white text.

The-FlashMaster responds:

If it's so obvious why do people still do it? And don't tell me they are 'rebelling'. That's a load crap, to be honest. It's a different perspective, and the title gave it away, so it's your own fault for not liking it. Also, what makes you think that no-one else has told me this?
Thanks for making your opinion clear though.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

nice message

That was one of the most insightful flashes I have seen. One of my closest friends died in a drunk-driving incedent. I live in the south, so it is a common occurrence. Anyone who gives this a low score because it is too preachy or has no storyline is a heartless bastard.

The-FlashMaster responds:

I LOVE YOU (not literally, though)
Someone out there has a brain...YAY!
Thankyou for NOT saying 'It needed a storyline like a man is driving down a road...blah, blah, blah' everyone's heard it. Thanks again!


Rated 4 / 5 stars


well, its very informative, kinda sad, but its a good idea, i'll pass it ^.^

The-FlashMaster responds:

Short, but sweet.