Cemetary 2

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Sup nick. :O

Here are the cheats if you want them.
graverobber = tons of money.
afraidofthedark = skip to the end of the day
Well, since my first cemetary game did so well, I decided to whip up something I actually put some work into. The fruit of my labor is a stamina-testing game with buyable and customizable weapons, dynamic day/night system, and graphics that far surpass that of my first game. Some changes from the old game to this one:

-You get more weapons than a crappy rifle.
-magazine reloading (unless you have the revolver)
-BIRD ZOMBIES! (stupid? sure, but fun. :D)
-automatic weapons and grenades! WOO!
-and more that i'm too tired to think of.

Hope it keeps you busy for awhile. ^__^


oh come on!

this game is completely unfinished- how the fuck can you be mentally retarded for 88 kills on an infuriating game like this!

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Just wow I mean come on. If you have to squint to see what is going on than you have an unplayable game.

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The game was good but

why must you click the ammo box to reload with the six shooter you need to click all 6 times for one bullet after that point i thouth fuck this. next defences there a bloody open door put something there to stop them since once they inside your fuck. lasty why the hell the zombies so bloody small birds are even smaller unless my eyes buggering up. theres a lot to be done try adding manuel reloading that would be a huge help insted of clicking the boxs this most ppl mouse are very sentive like mine so it shoots off when im out the ammo and the zombies are at my door step so i rush. althouth i cant make flashs i try to rate high due to that but this takes the cake.

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An Epic Failure

Honestly I dont think that this game needs any stars whatsoever, you need to make the zombies and the birds big enough so i dont have to squint to see the damn things, make em shootable inside, srsly, were you just trollin' putting this game up? work on it alot more before you put it on newgrounds.


needs more work

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2.05 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2006
4:10 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Fixed