Headache Man Ep.3

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-Headache Man takes place in the poorly animated city of Noiseford-

Front Page! Awesome! Make sure you check out Ep. 1 & 2 if you liked this.

The third EPIC installment of the Headache Man series!
Headache Man must stop Karl Marx's commie uprising from taking over Noiseford.
Watch until the end, I respond to all reviews and appreciate them.

Thanks to ErrorDie for his help on the story, and the voice of George Foreman.


Very good.

...since when was George Foreman British?

WilliWowza responds:

Since a good friend of mine wanted to do his voice.

He's dead now anyway.

i lol'd

its friken awesome...and did you know you sound like cartman?lol

WilliWowza responds:

I did not.

Hai Willi

Lol, hi Willi. The sound was extremely clear, which is good. The graphics were OK, but it was basically the same pose for each character. Not much violence, maybe some brains here and there. I had some fun with the preloading, flying Headache Man. Very funny too.

Also, Queen fucking rules.

Also also, I'm a dog...woof!

WilliWowza responds:

lol hi demean

lol thanks

lol k

guess what

best kind of humor for someone whos insane psycho and i just managed to escape from asylum

WilliWowza responds:

I aim to pleeeeeze.

a flash with a political message i'm impressed

this was realy funny i love the part when hes descusing polotics with the communists "and they all had a cup of tea" tea is always the solution. communism could have worked if the countrys marxs flaged as ready for the revolution became communist that county being the U.K.

WilliWowza responds:

That bearded fool, he had it all wrong.

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4.14 / 5.00

Nov 18, 2006
10:36 AM EST
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